Yes, most definitely. Later.

We are crunching to get our books done and out there right now. But as early as March we will be ready to check out your work. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

For our first year, there will be no up front pay. It's all back end.

Our payments will be quarterly in the standard fiscal year model.

When your book is ready, and accepted, that's when we are ready to promote and publish. If you are worried about doing a lot of work for little pay, then try the independent film circuit. It's actually worse.

We do not assemble teams. You should have all of that sorted out already.

Van Ness Press will provide all digital platforms and a limited press run (you should already have read the Mission Statement by now.)

All other terms will be exchanged between creators and publisher.

All books accepted will run at a profit with zero loss. You will make SOMETHING from your book.

Finally, this is projecting into our future endeavors. Van Ness Press may choose to not publish any other books, or many. Bookmark us or follow. If the publisher decides to ACTIVELY seek submissions you will then be the first to know.