Mission Statement

The best way to explain this is through an article I wrote a little ways back about the comic book industry in general. In the article I differentiated between the casual comic book reader and the collector. A casual reader just wants something to read digitally for entertainment a collector wants a paper and ink book to hold in their hands, read once, and carefully bag and board to be saved for a future generations amazement.

I see no reason why both cannot coexist.

My thoughts are to give the casual reader a quick and easy (and cheap) fix. For the collector, what Van Ness Press offers is something different entirely. A way to cheaply test drive a book before purchasing, and the assurance of a limited quantity of books being produced. I am also incorporating a novel way of watching the collectors investment profit: weekly. The concept will be copied in the future, without doubt. All we ask is that you, dear reader, remember where you saw it first.

If anyone would like to read the above mentioned article I've included the link.

If there is something beter than comic books, I haven't found it yet.

Read the full article here.