Thursday, February 23, 2012

This here Comic Book Publisher is about to LAUNCH!

First, before we even have our official product out we have received a lot of emails with well wishes and questions on submissions. Thanks so much for everyone's interest and we will get back you... each and every one. But for the rest of this month we are focused on one thing and one thing only: getting the flagship title complete. The last of the inks are being completed at the same time as the lettering. We are looking at next week to officially launch. This is going to be a soft comic book launch, so don't look for streamers, confetti or dancing girls. Just some high quality content and our super affordable download price or hold off for the limited edition printed version, or both.

If you just hate not having something awesome to look at, we have two remedies. Firstly, check out the ebay store. There is a large amount of awesome bronze age collectables to peruse. Secondly, what the hell, we'll give you a shot of the cover.

Stay tuned... much more info to come.